By associating and trading with us, you can rest assured that quality LPG is always and will always be delivered to meet your business needs round the clock with flexibility and reliability ensuring peace of mind and more focus on your core activities.

Here are some of the reasons why E-Gas is the best choice for your commercial LPG requirements:

On Time LPG Delivery
Our infrastructure comprises of more the 5 bulk tanker supply prime movers and 5 light trucks combined with a highly skilled crew that handles all matters delivery. All these respond to our 24 hour contact center that is on standby just for you our valued client.

Superior LPG
Whether you are a large institution of higher learning, a conference center, a large hotel or just a small eatery, E- Gas offers uninterrupted supply of quality LPG that allows your kitchen to run and operate smoothly.

Assured Quality & Quantity
Our LPG conforms to the required regulatory standards and passes through stringent and quality control checks by the ERC. Our filling plant is equipped with state of the art electronic check weighing scales that ensures accurate measurements during cylinder filling process and adhering to set statutory norms and regulations.

Commitment To Safety Standards
We at E-Gas are committed to being the industry´s leader in LPG by interpreting safety into every aspect of our business. Stringent procedures are followed during the handling and transportation of the LPG cylinders to our filling plant and also on the customer´s premises. Our main value added service include periodic safety training and audit for customers to keep them informed on the do´s and don’t for safe and healthy operations to help correct and avert any discrepancies.

24/7 Emergency Service
Our help and support is readily available. We at E-Gas do have emergency telephone numbers that you can comfortably call 24 hours a day to handle urgent and emergency situations as and when they arise.

Installation & Maintenance Services
Operational excellence of an LPG installation depends on the efficiency of the design engineering and maintenance of LPG storage system. We excel in offering specialized professional services on a turnkey basis in addition to annual maintenance and servicing contracts.